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Does it take you ages to bring him to orgasm when you give him a handjob, but he is able to climax quickly when he masturbates? Ever notice him wince or shift uncomfortably from your touch? Does he try to skip foreplay and quickly move from handjob to intercourse? 

Here's a little-known secret: Most men dread handjobs because it can hurt if it's not done properly, and most women do them badly! Men's physiology is so unique that women's natural instincts on how to touch their partner are typically completely off base. 

But handjobs are an important part of a satisfying sexual experience for most men, and play a big role in how guys judge sexual chemistry. So a handjob can be a permanent turn-off for him if it's not done right.

Unfortunately, you'll probably never know how he feels about your sexual chemistry. Few guys would open up to you about how much they enjoyed your time together because they are afraid that any criticism would make you not want to have sex anymore. Many men will choose bad sex over no sex, for short term dating. If he feels that your sexual chemistry is insufficient, he'll simply disappear after a little while, or suggest being friends with benefits instead of pursuing a relationship with you. 

We're not saying that sexual chemistry is the only thing that makes or breaks a relationship. But it's extremely important for most people, and rightfully so! Sex is the glue that keeps the spark alive in a longterm relationship. 

So it comes as no surprise that handjob technique is one of the biggest sources of confusion and anxiety for women in sex.

In this free video, you'll learn the 3 Golden Rules to touching your partner. There are so many hand moves you can do on him! We can teach you more than 60 different hand moves that will drive him especially crazy because he can't do them to himself. But whatever hand move you choose, you must follow these 3 Golden Rules to make him feel amazing.

Here's what you will learn in this short 3-minute video: 
  • The right way to grip him
  • The one spot you must pay attention to/focus on
  • A huge mistake most women make that guarantees he will be unimpressed by your hand technique
  • How to move your wrists to drive him absolutely crazy 
  • How to touch him better than he can touch himself!
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